A Portrait of Luxembourg, the Castles

A Portrait of Luxembourg, the Castles

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with its 40 fortresses and châteaux opens the doors on its thousand-year history. Nearly ten centuries separate the first keeps of rudimentary comfort from that most elegant of all the Luxembourg castles, the residence of the Grand Dukes at Berg. This was a difficult subject to tackle, in that many of the edifices were built, destroyed, rebuilt, abandoned and then restored, but the charm of these castles and their sites, often the finest of the country, remains memorable. Ancient towers proudly watch over the Oesling countryside, the "magnificent ruins" lost in the mysterious forests of the Müllerthal, or the Italianate gardens of the valleys of the Good Land, all may be seen in the 250 photos by Vincent Merckx, taken in all seasons especially for this book. They are complemented by the commentary of François Reinert, an archaeologist and historian of Luxembourg, whose rigorous research on site and in historic documents presents the most up-to-date knowledge of the subject. Text in English, French, Dutch and German.

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